“When you walk into My Hero, time stands still.”

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67 thoughts on “Reviews”

  1. Unquestionably, the ultimate hero shop from cold cuts to their infamous chicken cutlets and accompaniments. The hero bread is crunchy and incredibly fresh. It doesn’t get and tastier with addition to you choice of dressing. It’s mouthwatering delicious! Very reasonably priced …. absolutely puts a smile on my face!

  2. I’ve been going to my hero since almost the beginning of their opening ((1973 from jr high school) I’m still going, still my favorite hero’s. I send everyone that wants a good hero there. Love their sandwiches. Also not a thing has changed since I first started going, so time does stand still. Worth the drive since I’m not as close anymore

  3. My Hero is the BEST! I can remember bringing my son with me to pick up heroes & he would sit on the counter. Now my son is 38 years old & he wants My Hero for his birthday celebration! It’s always fresh & delicious!

  4. I’ve been going to my hero since I can remember living down the block it was always awesome to get a chicken club withing walking distance..5 stars

    – loving My hero since 86

  5. My Hero is my hero! Discovered this place a few years ago and I haven’t
    gone to any other deli since. Absolutely the best!!!

  6. Best Deli ever!! sandwiches, salads and all other food are awesome
    everyone here is a pleasure do work with
    Its a must go to place

  7. Went for the first time with my 17 year old son. We had heard good things. Best sandwich I have had in a very long time. The chicken was perfect and lettuce sliced nice and thin and dressing was just right. My son enjoyed the chicken parm. We will definitely be back together.

  8. More than just awesome sandwiches. As my son, (who used to hit my hero daily for lunch while in H.S.), used to tell his visiting college friends from M.I.T., My Hero is it’s own food group!

  9. Best sandwiches on Long Island, great service, and right here in Bellmore. I go here often and am never disappointed.

  10. Been going for 25 plus yrs it’s a well run family business and the food is excellent. Dominic, Anthony and staff work hard each and every day to bring us the best hero’s on long island.Thx guys and keep them hero’s coming!

  11. This place is without a doubt, hands down, the best deli on Long Island. My friends and I came here for lunch back in high school all the time, and not once did Anthony or his staff ever let us down. The food is phenomenal, and the service is even better. I feel like I’m family when I walk into this place. Chicken club = the best.

  12. been coming here for the last 45 years, grew up in North Merrick, moved to Old Bethpage later in life. Always hit this special spot when visiting my folks. Honestly, the best sandwiches I have ever had.

  13. i remember when they first opened in the 60’s -we would come from mepham to eat lunch and it was greatthan and seems it still is

  14. I order a 3 foot hero on a regular basis. The bread is fresh ,not chewy. There is a good serving of delicious fresh cold cuts. All in all I am never disappointed and my friends are always commenting how good it is. Thanks for your attention to excellence!


  16. I’m a regular @ My Hero because they make THE BEST Bacon, Egg ‘n Cheese Hero hands down!

    They also cater and we ordered 1/2 trays of Penne Alla Vodka, Chicken Francaise, Stuffed Rolled Eggplant & Sausage and Peppers.

    Believe me when I tell you, ALL were ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!! The chicken francaise had a very nice lemony sauce and was lightly breaded. The penne had the right amount of vodka sauce and was perfectly al dente! The eggplant was stuffed w/ ricotta and topped w/ a very flavorful sauce and mozzarella cheese. The sausage and peppers was another winner!! They used plump, sweet sausage that ‘snapped’ when you bit into it (casing). It was also in a delicious tomato sauce
    along w/ green peppers.

    For catering, I know where to go from now on. My Hero truly is MY HERO!!

  17. The Big Boy says My hero is the best in the Tri-state area ie 5 boros of NYC NJ Westchester and Conn Dominic Anthony and the workers are a barrel of laughs.I work for UPS and get out @8:00AM and I call in for my sandwiches salads and dinner for the week because I work nights at CalhounHS and my shift starts at 4PM Enjoy your vacation from August 14 to the 30th You deserve it From the Big Boy your favorite customer

  18. Grew up around the corner and assumed life would always be this delicious. Wrong. No place like home and my hero.xxoo

  19. had to cater a couple of years back for an event way out east, the gentleman I dealt with was very nice and worked with me since my group was on a tight budget. picked up the stuff on a friday and served it for saturday’s dinner. guess what? it was as if it was just delivered 20 minutes before! the lines can be long but they are so efficient that you don’t mind waiting for a great product. keep up the great work you do, I’ll be stopping by soon

  20. OMG! First time here after hearing all the rave reviews and my hero did not disappoint! I was able to beat the line and the guys behind the counter were really nice I love that huge wood carving station! seems to flow like a well old machine to get the customers in and out!Anyway i went with the famed much talked about ” champ ” size large with the works” and it was incredible! Fresh italian meats , provolone cheese goodness and I love how the oil and vinegar set into the bread!The works should be called the “moist maker”Lol Can’t wait to go back tomorr to Get the chicken club! I’m hooked!

  21. have loved ‘my hero’ since i was a boy delivering newsday with my older brother. my hero never disappoints and i miss it so much. when ever i return to the neighborhood, it’s always one of my first stops.
    all the best to the ‘my hero’ staff, thank you for continuing the quality and the memories all of these years.

  22. Today was my first day to try my hero it was delicious I called in my order in and when I got there to pick up my hero it was ready and the service was awesome can’t wait for next week to try a different hero thanks to my co worker for putting me on to my hero

  23. my BFF told us about this place, she’s been going there since the early 70’s. It is THE best Hero Shop ANYWHERE! AND they quetly support a LOT of Charities, too! My Husband alternates between the Champ and the All American, I am personally stuck on the Boccacino, Fresh Mozzarella, eggplant, real roasted peppers, not jarred stuff. Each time I say I’m gonna try something different, but somehow, I can’t. I’m sure everything else is wonderful, but I’m addicted to the Boccacino. And the ROLLS are sooo much better than anywhere else. We live in Mineola, and usually stop on our way back from places farther East, but tonite, my husband actually went out in the cold, to go get our favorites. He knows how to make me smile 🙂 oh, and the SOUPS are crazy good, too

  24. I’ve been eating My Hero since I was a wee lad. The food that My Hero makes is analogous to a beautiful rainbow over a luxurious pot of gold. 10/10 would recommend to a Leprechaun.

  25. Began eating there when they first opened, riding my bike there as a kid. I seem to recall it was a store that sold fertilizer products prior. My favorite growing up hero was the meatball hero and the chicken parm. Often enjoyed talk islanders hockey with original staff as we celebrated the 4 consecutive stanley cups. Moved to NJ back in 1993 but try and get there whenever back in North Merrick.

  26. I woke up this morning craving a chicken parm hero, and when I searched google, My Hero came up. I decided against the parm because I had to come back to work, but I got the chicken club instead. $7.95 for a 12 inch chicken club with cutlets, shredded lettuce, tomato, bacon and mayo..and I am ecstatic. the bread is soft, the cutlets are moist, the bacon is salty, and the lettuce is crispy. YASSSSS HUNTY. I’ll be back!

  27. Been a customer of My Hero since 1988. Even after moving to Long Beach last year, the wife still asks if I’m going to pass My Hero on the way home to pick her up a chicken club and mac salad. Yeah many times I do 🙂


  29. I grew up in East Meadow in the 70s. There were only a few places as special to me to go and eat as My Hero. I remember my dad and I having sandwiches outside in the early 70s here. I had the sausage Parmesan sandwich every time. If the food today is as special as it was then there is no better sandwich on earth.

  30. When I first left home for college, I found an Italian deli a few miles from campus. I ordered a Champ. They had no idea what I was talking about.
    I thought they were joking.
    Growing up in Bellmore and having only eaten My Hero, I assumed all similar sandwiches were called Champs.
    Anyway, their version was far inferior to My Hero’s, to say the least.

  31. Best heroes in Merrick. Anthony Dominick and even Dennis make the experience a good one with their smiling faces and pleasant conversation while you wait! Go there at least once a week. No better place around!!!

  32. Food is great but going in and having the cute guy with the big eyes throw you a smile makes the my hero experience even better ..wish i knew his name! haha

  33. My hero is heard about and well known throughout all 5 boros of NYC Jersey Conn and counties north of NYC.Even NYC Finest know about it as one of the best.Great food great sandwiches.Go at 10AM during lunch and dinner lines are out the door.Even at times before 11 sometimes lines can be out the door but not usually.Call at 9AM if you are in a rush

  34. i’m lucky to live around the corner from My hero for 17 years. I got there weekly, NEVER been let down by them. Best sub place IN NY hands down.

  35. I’ve lived in Merrick all my life and have seen so many changes in my 40 plus years. Thank you “My Hero” for not changing the quality of your product. The hero I had today, is just as good as the one Dom, made me back in the 70’s.

  36. Found My Hero about 15 years ago and after eating here weekly I have NEVER had a bad experience!! I have eaten deli all across the US and haven’t found any place like it. The CHAMP is awesome…

  37. By far the best sandwich around. Other deli’s try to copy with no success. Worth the drive. Try the Shrimp Parm you wont be disappointed. Been going here since it has opened.Have all my catered hero’s from My Hero wouldn’t think of going anywhere else. Simply the BEST!!!!

  38. Sacred My Hero! My childhood mecca! The chicken club is the best sandwich on Long Island. Period. Delicious chicken cutlet, homemade mayonnaise that defies explanation, the perfect amount of perfectly crisp bacon, fresh fixings – anyone who says this isn’t the best sandwich around is either (1) a spiteful human being who owns a competing deli, and/or (2) someone whose opinion regarding food should be disregarded entirely.

    The champ, chicken parm, and the antipasto salad are also excellent.

    Yes, if you go there during the lunch or dinner rush, you will wait. But the wait is worth it and never in my life, having gone here for over 20 years, have I been disappointed in the quality of the food. Throughout high school, my friends and I came here every single week for lunch, without fail. The faces have changed over the years, but the quality and charm of this little eat-in deli is top-notch.

    My Hero is more than just a deli; it’s where people from Merrick and Bellmore can come together and be as one. My Hero will always hold a special place in my heart, and in my stomach!

    All hail My Hero!




  39. I have been eating at My Hero since 1990. It is by far the best sandwich place that I have ever been to. My softball picture is on the wall there…..STILL. Our softball team always had their sandwiches at the game. BEST SANDWICH PLACE EVER!!!!!

  40. I have been eating at my hero for over 14 years now. Not only is the quality of food is the best in town, it’s the best deli on long island.

    I moved to long beach 4 years ago and hoping there would be some quality deli’s in town so I can order something similar to the famous MyHero Chicken Club. After searching and comparing it to every deli in long beach, island park, and the ocean side area’s… nothing compares to MyHero, I travel 20 minutes at least once a week just because it’s the absolute best.